Boat Storage and Boat Launch Facilities

Combinations on the locks on the gates at the boat storage area and the boat launch ramp are changed annually, typically in December or  January of each year.  We are working to provide as much security as possible for the property owners.  You will be required to provide certain identifying information when you call to obtain the boat launch and boat storage combinations from the HOA Property Services Manager. (434-309-1727).

Due to some folks having difficulty opening the locks at the Boat Storage and Boat Launch these Instructions are provided for opening the locks.
  • After dialing in the combination on this type of lock, it is first necessary to push the lock towards the lock Shackle (case hardened steel loop that goes through chain and into lock), then pull the lock away from the Shackle to open the lock.

  • When locking the lock, always remember to spin the combination (so others can't reopen the lock) and to yank on the lock to ensure it is firmly locked in place. Do not leave too much slack in the chain at the Boat Storage lot as it may allow someone to squeeze between the gate and fence.

Boat/RV Storage registration requirement:  Vehicle information must be supplied to the Runaway Bay Property Owners Services Manager via our Vehicle Registration Form prior to requesting the combination for the boat storage lot.   The required information is shown below and the form is on the Documents page or click on this link: Boat Storage Vehicle Registration Form. The form may be sent via postal mail, fax or email. Address, fax number and email address are on the form. Once you provide the information on the property you have or plan to have in the Boat/RV lot you may call the HOA Property Manager (434-309-1727) to obtain the new combination.

Please also inform The Property Manager when you are no longer storing your boat or RV in the storage lot.   

You must provide complete information in order to obtain the new combinations!

Issues regarding the Boat Launch:  We are requesting that you don't park cars or cars with trailer close to the boat launch turn around area. Park further up the hill.   Folks with large boats or less experience backing up boat trailers need room to swing around in front of the overlook deck to begin backing down to the ramp.  Always check to be sure that you have locked the boat launch lock/gate and have spun the combination before leaving the launch area or after launching your boat.


1.Owner's Name

2. Address

3 Phone Number /E-mail

4 . Owner's Lot Number

5 . Item (Boat, RV, Trailer, Other) (if "Other", please describe)

6 . S/N

7 . Model

8 . Color

9 . License

10 . Other I/D

11 . Brand

12 .Dealer Insignia