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Neighbors -
First, we wanted to share good news: repairs are underway for the dry hydrant on Clear Pointe, and paving of the road to the boat storage lot is scheduled for mid-September. We’ll let you know the actual paving dates when confirmed.

Other items of note:
For those homeowners who may not get to visit our beautiful community as often as you would like, Mother Nature has continued to favor us with what seems to be a generous amount of rainfall this summer. While this means the grass and trees are a lovely green, it also means that our lawns can quickly become overgrown — and give the appearance of a house that is unloved or abandoned. If you need assistance in keeping up during this growing season, a list of mowing vendors is posted on the this website.

Neighborhood Watch has asked that we keep an eye open for unusual vehicles or situations in our subdivision, and to take note of anything that seems out of place. There is nothing to be alarmed about right now, but there have been a few instances of unusual trash and joyriding. Keeping track of what you saw, and when, might be helpful in resolving a future problem. And to borrow a tried and true phrase: if you see something, say something . . .

Please mark your calendars for Saturday, 3 November, at 10:00 am, for the next meeting of the Runaway Bay Homeowners Association. You will also get a reminder via separate email, and the meeting is posted on the website.

Leesville Lake and Runaway Bay Marketing Program

Several Runaway Bay property owners have initiated an effort to market Leesville Lake and Runaway Bay with the help of Realtors. The primary objectives are to (1) help property owners sell their property and (2) grow Runaway Bay. The marketing effort will raise the profile of Leesville Lake through advertising and other means and educate Realtors and potential buyers about Leesville Lake and Runaway Bay. Below is a link to an overview of Leesville Lake and Runaway Bay. If you would like more information on this effort, please email Carmen Perri (

Runaway Bay Rack Card

Overview of Leesville Lake and Runaway Bay

March Issue of Destinations Travel Magazine (Note Cover plus 10 pages starting on page 24)

Ticks and Tick-Borne Diseases

Spring and summer are great for walking in the woods and other outdoor activities. Ticks also become more active at this time, increasing the risk of tick bites and tick-borne diseases. Below are (1) a link to Virginia Department of Health information on ticks and tick-borne diseases and things that you can do to reduce the risk of tick-borne disease and (2) a link to the Alpha-Gal Allergy Awareness Website . 

Medical Equipment Available For Loan

A number of people within Runaway Bay have medical equipment, e.g.walkers and crutches, that they are willing to loan. Please see link to list of equipment below. If you would like to borrow any of this equipment, please contact the individual directly. Loans outside the community would be up to the individual with the equipment.

Medical Equipment

Pavilion Pond Repairs

The Pavilion pond lining/repair project has been completed. Below is a slideshow of the project, including a picture of the finished pond with the operating fountain.

  • Pond Before Work
    Pond Before Work
  • Pond Before Work
    Pond Before Work
  • Clearing Pond Bottom
    Clearing Pond Bottom
  • Clearing Pond Bottom
    Clearing Pond Bottom
  • Installing Overflow Lines
    Installing Overflow Lines
  • Completed Overflow Lines
    Completed Overflow Lines
  • Filling Old Overflow Line
    Filling Old Overflow Line
  • Construction Equipment
    Construction Equipment
  • Unloading Liner
    Unloading Liner
  • Installing Liner
    Installing Liner
  • Adding Clay To Seal Joints
    Adding Clay To Seal Joints
  • Excavating Soil To Cover Liner
    Excavating Soil To Cover Liner
  • Covering Liner
    Covering Liner
  • Finished Pond
    Finished Pond
  • Finished Pond
    Finished Pond


We are fortunate to have abundant wildlife in and around Runaway Bay. Wildlife that you may see includes deer, wild turkey, fox, racoons, wood chucks, geese, ducks, a large variety of other birds and an occasional black bear. It is very important to keep the wildlife wild. That is, do not deliberately feed the wildlife--keep your garbage cans in your garage or shed, pick up pet food, do not put meat scraps in a compost pile. Below is a link to a flyer on Living with Black Bears in Virginia. It contains useful information on do's and don'ts for bears, but those same do's and don'ts are applicable to other wildlife. Not only is it a bad idea to feed wildlife, but it is also illegal to deliberately or inadvertently feed bears in Virginia. County ordinances also prohibit feeding waterfowl.

Living With Black Bears in Virginia